• Easy to use.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Easy to maintain.

RFDIS(Rapid Field Deploy Industrial Systems)

As digitization continues to advance rapidly, customer needs are becoming more diverse than ever. To effectively address these challenges, there is a growing demand for building and utilising intelligence, which involves creating systems that offer easy customization, flexibility, and rapid deployment. Our solution involves empowering customers to build their own systems with ease through simple assembly, a wide range of IO Modules featuring various configurations, and six available slots for IO Modules. This approach not only lowers product costs but also improves serviceability, offering added convenience to users.




Bring values to Stakeholders



80 %

Decrease in Inventory

30 %

Decrease in Product cost

80 %

Decrease in Delivery time


100 %

Increase in serviceability thus less down time

Increase in option or suppliers


Three Important Entities




  • Instrumentations
  • IoT Devices
  • Gateways
  • Automation Products
  • Simulators

Industry Verticals

  • Railways
  • Bulk Drugs
  • Api
  • Marine
  • Defense
  • Facilities




  • Internet Protocols
    • MQTT
    • TCP/IP
    • HTTP
  • OT Protocols
    • Modbus
    • Mod-TCP
  • Connectivity
    • Ethernet
    • GSM(4G)
    • RS485
  • Field Signals
    • Digital Inputs
    • Digital Outputs
    • 4 to 20mA
    • 0 to 10V
    • RTD


"Wide range of I/O Modules and connectivity"



Advantages of Swift

  • Build your own system.
  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Wide range of IO Modules with different configuration.
  • Six available SLOTS for IO Modules.
  • Wide range of Communication Protocols.
  • Easy Maintenance.


  • Integrated communication from controller to sensors and actuators through support of the popular filed buses and ETHERNET standards.
  • Cloud connectivity.
  • Build your own Hardware and Software configuration.
  • 6 slots available for I/O Modules.
  • It supports
    • SD card
    • RF communication
    • USB
    • RS485(Modbus RTU/TCP)
    • Ethernet(Compliant with ISO 802-3/IEEE 802.3)(10BASE-T)
    • GSM/LTE(GPRS) connectivity
    • MQTT
    • Telnet server


  • 12/24v DC input with minimum of 2 amp current.
  • 32 - bit high performance industrial grade CPU core operating at 168 MHz frequency.



1. FRTU  (Field Remote Terminal Unit)

Parameters involved for IIoT

  • Transmission lines Voltage, Health and Power
  • Circuit Breakers Status and Control
  • BMs Breakers and Control

NTPC Ramagundam




  • Intelligent device designed for feeder remote control operations at SP/SSP stations.
  • Acquires data, monitors and controls CB, Interrupters, Isolators, Transformers, Transducers in a sub station.
  • Scalable and consists of CPU, Ethernet/ GSM/ LTE Module and Digital Input Card, Digital Output Card and Analog Cards.
  • Interface with protection relays & Multi-function electrical meters.
  • Logs all events and disconnection issues on server.
  • Supports MQTT protocol over GPRS thus easy to integrate and configure.
  • Supports other protocols like MODBUS and MODTCP.
  • Easy to maintain and configure
  • Operating voltage DC 85V to 130V or AC 100V to 270V
FRTU Control Unit

Control Unit

2. Simulators

Instrumentation Cluster

Instrumentation Cluster



Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator Mock Up

3. Pharma Production Block Utility Monitoring

It is used to monitor utility parameters in Pharma Block like

  • Steam Pressure
  • Brine Pressure
  • Nitrogen Pressure
  • Air Pressure
  • Steam Temperature
  • Chilled Water Temperature
  • Brine Temperature
control panel
dot-matrix parameter display

Utility Monitoring

4. IO Mirror Application

IO Mirroring has minimum of two IO devices Master and Slave. Inputs on the Master will be replicated on outputs of Slave and vice versa.

Use cases

  • Whenever the User Operation Panel and Control Panel is very far away and has to communicate wirelessly IO Mirror application will help to save the cabling and installation cost.
  • It can be also used to convert existing DCS with IO mirrors without disturbing the existing code and setup.

IO Mirror

  • 12 DI
  • 24 DO
  • 8 AI
  • 8 AO


  • 24 DI
  • 12 DO
  • 8 AI
  • 8 AO

5. Building Management Systems

It can be used to monitor

  • Door Status
  • Lift Position Status
  • Room Temperature
  • AHU filter Pressure Status
  • Chiller Temperatures